The VOIZES Archive challenges the invisibility of incarceration by creating a venue for the sharing of experience.

In 2015 it was estimated the world’s prison population grew to more than 10 million people. While some regions have experienced declining rates of incarceration, the global trend is defined by continued growth.
The VOIZES Archive is an international archive of video interviews with people that have been incarcerated.  The voices of interviewees demystify the experience of incarceration so that we can have a sincere and transparent conversation about the international prison industrial complex.
The only requisite for participation is the interviewee must have spent a minimum of one month in some form of state sponsored detention (prison, jail, pre-trial detention, immigration detention, forced psychiatric detention, youth detention, military prisons, and detainee dark sites).
The archive is open to third party submissions. In the case you want to produce your own interview, please film it anonymously and follow this questionnaire. If you want to add more questions, please feel free to do it at the end of the interview to facilitate further editing.

Historical Document: The experience of interviewees is evidence of a global era of incarceration, documented for posterity and future reflection.
Educational/Research Resource: Through collaborative curriculum development the VOIZES Archive can be used to foster inclusive academic discussions around the prison industrial complex. Guided by the logic of the free exchange of knowledge, content from the VOIZES Archive is available for journalists, documentarians, and academics to download and use in their own projects.
Advocacy Network: Solidarity, collaboration, and mutual support. We understand the interconnectivity of systems of oppression. We understand the interconnectivity of struggles against oppression. The VOIZES Archive is a node in a broader network of individuals and collectives challenging the international prison industrial complex.

Phase 1 (2014-2020): Research and development of archive’s “historical document” function.
Phase 2 (2017-2018): Implementation of archive’s “historical document” function. Research and development of archive’s “educational/research tool” function.
Phase 3 (2019-2020): Implementation of archive’s “educational/research tool”. Research and development of archive’s “advocacy network” function.

The VOIZES Archive is a horizontally organized non-for-profit. Long term planning and strategic goals are determined through a decision making process seeking consensus. Currently all team members are volunteers.
Xose Quiroga.
Giada Bertonelli.
Wil Sands.
Since June 2017 the Voizes Archive has it’s headquarters at the Hangar Visual Arts Production and Research Center, located at Emilia Coranty 16, Barcelona.

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