Detention Architecture

Satellite imagery of detention facilities weekly updated.
Explore each area in an interactive map clicking on the coordinates.
For better performance use a computer rather than a mobile phone.
Download the full archive via direct link or torrent file.

40°6’49.73″N / 94°4’45.24″W

29°57’56.85″N / 2°47’8.96″W

34°40’19.53″N / 79°43’3.78″W

34°40’19.53″N / 79°43’3.78″W

33°5’39.52″S / 69°2’51.02″W

37°48’59.68″N / 94°4’45.24″W

50°32’57.19″N / 3°59’51.09″W

34°58’54.22″N / 90°48’8.59″W